SCCA Downloads Page

This booklet gives an updated description of the entire Season's Events
Download Skipper's Logs The Skipper's Log is the SCCA's newsletter and contains all the latest news and information regarding our sport.
Download the 2024 Schedule This is the schedule of all relevant Cruiser Navigation activities for the current year.
Download Contest Instructions This is a link to all contest instructions. As soon as they are published, you can download a copy here.
New Member Application If you are thinking of joining the SCCA or know someone who is, this is the form you will need.
SCCA Member Yacht Clubs This is the current list of SCCA Member Yacht Clubs
New Yacht Club application
If your club is considering joining the SCCA, this is the form you will need.
Download SCCA PDF Log Form This is the standard SCCA log form in PDF format.
Download SCCA Excel Log Form This is the standard SCCA log form in Excel format. You can customize this form with your personal information.
Download SCCA Fill-In PDF Log FormThis is the standard SCCA log form in PDF format but with Fill-In fields and a bit of automation to speed up the process.
Download SCCA Rule Book The current SCCA rules are available by downloading this book.
Download Craig's NOB file This is Craig Ryan's file of Coastal Explorer position data accumulated over several years of competition.
Download Craig's Mid Leg Calculator
This is Craig Ryan's Excel spreadsheet used to calculate speed when given a mid leg time on an open log contest 
 SCCA Trophy Deeds of Gift This is a link to all the SCCA Trophy Deeds of Gift